Bespoke data solutions

RiskCede has created a platform to serve as an end-to-end solution for the data science pipeline, beginning with data gathering followed by tidying and wrangling of the data, then modelling and visualising before finally reporting.

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The survey application aims to understand and measure human perceptions and predict behaviour for specific future events.

Strategic implimentation is used to ensure survey sample represents underlying population.

RiskCede performs industry wide surveys, client specific surveys, satisfaction surveys and many more.

Real-time feedback is provided to optimise processes and allow for timely decision making.

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Sample survey


The research application collects information and analyse meta data like space and time.

View output in a 5415595130 for analysed data.

The research sample project allows users to upload information, it has a admin function to validate information and assign tasks as well as a dashboard view for statistics and reporting.

Research framework

RiskCede data science applications

Process flow management

RiskCede uses their own process flow system to manage and monitor processes and provide targeted strategies and information to users. These projects address different areas where information need to be captured, interpreted and passed on.


Assess and categorise patients to provide targeted communication and intervention plans to improve overall health and wellness.
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Compare and Optimise
CRM app (mobile)


The survey project aims to obtain information from participants, analyse & mine it and provide findings that provides the client with insight.


Capture data and analyse in real-time. Create reports and provide in time feedback to user. Perform spatial and time series analysis to find patterns.
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Natural Language Processing

NLP is the ability of a computer program to understand human language as it is spoken.
Language Processing


Realtime monitoring of results and question process flow.